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About us

At BF Music, we firmly believe that music has the power to create transformative experiences and foster moments that contribute to a well-balanced life.

Our guiding principle is encapsulated in our motto: Music, Love, and Freedom.


Rooted in the majestic inspiration drawn from mountains, BF Music is dedicated to curating and releasing the finest music in the realms of LoFi, Indiepop and EDM.

We understand the challenges artists face in having their music heard amidst the vast ocean of content. As a record label, BF  Music excels in navigating the intricate process of connecting your music with real listeners and securing a substantial audience on major streaming platforms.


By entrusting your music to us, you can focus on what you do best – creating exceptional music.


Our team at BF Music possesses invaluable connections within our genre, streamlining the pathway for your submission to reach attentive ears.


Whether you're an artist, songwriter, or producer BF Music welcomes musical submissions of all varieties within our niche.


We diligently listen to every demo submitted to us, acknowledging that it may take time to respond due to the high volume of submissions.


For more information on the submission process and getting signed, please feel free to contact us.

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